A book created to feature type specimen for 26 popular typefaces. Logotypes were created for each typeface as an excercise to better understand unique characteristics. Experiments with point size and leading were done to find the optimal setting for each typeface in different uses.

Book plates were created to introduce each typeface in the book. Each photograph is original, with the letterform being hand-stenciled with black acrylic paint on antique books from the 1800s and 1900s. My choice to use old books as the background for the bookplates comes from my love of books as physical objects and the fact that the typefaces included in the book are often used to set body copy.

Printed using Blurb. Final book measures 6in by 9in.

The half-title page highlights the underlying grid structure used to design the book.

Each bookplate for all 26 typefaces can be seen below.