Challenged to create a work that was “witty,” I designed a product that implements cheeky phrases to spark conversation, or even just a chuckle, for those reading in a public space.

A phrase coined by Sir Walter Scott, a Scottish writer and poet, “book-bosomed” is a term for someone known to always be carrying a book. I found this phrase to be the perfect name for my covers, as I could envision them being used by people who happen to carry a book with them into the public sphere.

The final jacket prototypes are printed on canvas, measuring 21 in x 9.25 in. Made to fit most standard adult hardcovers, they also are easily able to fit smaller sized books.

Each jacket is designed for the text to be readable by on-lookers when they are open, from left to right (back cover to front cover). The spines feature icons that relate to the particular phrase, and the brand logo of a ribbon bookmark.

Creating these phrases and pairing them with their respective symbols and colors was my favorite part of the project! The jackets create a dialogue with both the reader (interior book flaps include instructions for use and a final question and attached ribbon bookmarks create banter when the reader chooses to reopen or close the book), while also having a conversation with observers.