Tasked to make an “offering” to RISD’s Graphic Design community, this collaborative project took shape to become a fun and informative “starter pack” for new students joining the Graphic Design major.

As a group we decided to include both informative items to help new students familiarize themselves with the major, and fun swag items they can wear and use to show their RISD GD pride! The packs are to be distributed to incoming GD students at the beginning of the year, and personalized by their mentors and advisors in addition to these pre-designed elements.

Since graphic designers have such a wide range of aesthetic styles, our intention with the pack was to create a cohesive design, while not sticking to anything too specific. To do so, we established a set color-scheme for the basis of the work (CMYK + white, process colors integral to GD), but allowed complete freedom in choice of typefaces and graphics for each of the elements.

My first designated design area was to create a “Who’s Who” zine introducing new students to their faculty, putting a name to a face while also giving them a basic rundown of the three core classes they’ll be taking their sophomore year.

Taking advantage of the folding structure of the zine, I designed the backside to be a RISD GD themed poster students could hang up.

I then designed a resource sheet with hours of operation for important places GD students would need to access on campus.

Group member Carolyn Chen designed witty design pins and coordinating phone wallets.

Group member Pooja Nitturkar designed mentor note paper, typographic stickers, and CMYK confetti.