A booklet created as the culmination of research, critical thinking, and self-reflection on graphic design and my personal practice.

Through the process of writing an essay, researching, reflecting on my own past projects and interests, I chose to re-examine how trends function in current graphic design. My fascination with trend-based work, but previous inability to blend my more traditional style with it, led me to pursue a means to understand trend, pick trends apart, and attempt to take what I like and implement it into my own work.

This design of this booklet represents my tentative implementation and exploration with trend and convention. The essay and commentary functions as its content.

The entire essay can be read at the bottom of this page.

Hand-bound, saddle-stitched booklet measuring 6 in by 9 in. Printed on Xerox Bold Coated Text paper. Typset using Adobe Caslon Pro and Briller.

Read the entire essay here: