An accordion-style book chronicling the major art and design achievements of one historical and one contemporary designer, with relevant historical context. I was assigned Varvara Stepanova as the historical figure, while I chose Paul Buckley as my contemporary designer.

The challenge of this project was not only to include a dense amount of information into a small space, but also in creating a cohesive design for two very stylistically different designers with no timeline overlap. Choosing the proportions to be a square measuring 9 in by 9 in, I knew I wanted to take advantage of how the accordion folds. I decided to have the timeline for both designers be linear, with historical context functioning as vertical foldouts. Stylistically, I tried to find a typeface that was reminiscent of Stepanova’s Constructivist influence while also looking more modern.

Readers are able to recognize the shift from historical to contemporary through the color shift from peach to purple.