Book design for select chapters of Peter Mendelsund’s famous book, What We See When We Read. The focus of the design was the use of type, setting the text in a way that was emotive of the meaning of the text, and adding emphasis passages. The cover type is meant to exemplify the fluidity of “seeing” when reading.

The system of the book’s interior sets up a flow. Early pages where there are fewer sections of long text have an airy and light feeling to them, less traditionally set. As the book progresses and paragraphs become lengthier, there is a move toward more traditional typesetting with the integration of emotive design through color and scale shift of the type. The repetative use of the blue to white gradient was chosen to reflect the experience of reading: a slow transition toward understanding.

Perfect-bound, printed on Mohawk Ultrawhite Eggshell 28lb paper, measuring 7in by 9in.